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The School of Oracles Presents:

An In-depth, Online, Live video, Tarot Certification Course

Beginning April 23rd, 2020

with Ellen Goldberg

This 48-lesson course will be held three Thursdays evenings a month at 8:30pm EST. Class begins on April 23rd, 2020. Become a profound Tarot reader for yourself and others! This class is appropriate for both beginning and advanced students.

For those wishing to join the class after the start date, the class is available by video recording and can be purchased at a reduced rate. Please contact Ellen for details at alchemicalellen@gmail.com

Tarot is a part of the Western Hermetic Tradition. It is a river of knowledge into which the streams of Kabbalah, Alchemy, Astrology, Hermetic Philosophy and Natural Magic have flowed. This course will give you a basis in all of these subjects. 

The Tarot is a handbook to higher consciousness. It is a book of wisdom, disguised as a pack of cards. The Tarot is an oracle that connects you to levels of consciousness not ordinarily available to the conscious mind. The archetypal images of the Tarot speak directly to the intuition and subconscious mind, which is the gateway to the superconscious.

The Tarot allows you to take an active part in your own evolution and healing, and to become a healing source for others. As a mirror of the soul, the Tarot accelerates the process of Self-realization. Students will learn the Tarot not as a device for fortune telling, but as a connection to the higher and deeper realms of consciousness and as a tool for self-guidance. 

Students will learn how to read the cards for themselves, in order to see where one must make the adjustments in consciousness in order to be centered and aligned with one’s true self. 

The cards love to show us the meaning of events and the lessons being learned from everything that happens to us. This class will help you use all the events of your life as opportunities for growth on the spiritual path. Use of the cards helps you to develop your intuition. Practice opens up the ability to read “the stories” the cards wish to tell.

Once you read the cards, your own Inner Teacher, will guide you. This Being is called by a thousand names, among them: Spirit, the True Self, the Guardian Angel, and the Voice of the Heart. Remember, intuition means ‘inner tutor’. Through trance, Inner Journeys and Guided Mediations, this class will help you to establish that connection for life.


About the Class

This is a leisurely class and students should be prepared to have the class as a part of their lives for approximately a year and a half. We follow the dictum of ageless wisdom that says:  “Wisdom should be taken in small mouthfuls in order to be digested.”

The course is composed of 48 lessons of 1.5-2 hours each. The course will be divided into four semesters consisting of 12 classes. The class will meet 3 times per month. Generally, we will follow a normal school calendar, and there will be liberal vacation time in summer and at holiday times. Much will be decided by class consensus.

The class will start at the very beginning so that nothing is left out. Everything you need to become a deep reader will be covered.

It will be comprised of both lecture, on the symbolism and meaning of the cards, and reading instruction and practice. The Rider-Waite-Smith deck will be used as the basis of instruction, but the information is applicable to any favorite deck you wish to use. It is wise to purchase a deck of Rider-Waite for practice while taking the course. 

Each class will not only be broadcast live and interactive, via Zoom Video, but will also be available for viewing at your leisure, or repeated viewings, on a special locked page on the School of Oracles website. 

This class will prepare you to become a Tarot professional, or if that is not your path, to become a deep and profound reader for yourself and your friends. 

For those of you considering becoming a Tarot professional, extra private training and coaching can be arranged for an additional, moderate fee. Tarot is a recession-proof profession, for when people have problems, they need readers all the more. Another wonderful feature of the Tarot is that the older you get, the more you are valued and respected. You can be a reader all your life, and when you are ready, let your hair grow grey and become a Wise Elder!


The tuition for the entire certification course is $2400. This can be paid all at once, which will give the student a 10% discount, or it may be divided into four equal payments of $600 each, payable at the beginning of each semester. 

Tuition is payable by credit card, Venmo, PayPal, Transfer Wise, Western Union, or check. Any merchant fees are the responsibility of the student. A deposit of $200 is requested to complete registration. This will be deducted from the tuition for the first semester.

A short, 10-15 minute personal interview, to determine whether this class is right for you, is suggested.  This may be done via phone or Zoom. Please message, or email me to set up a time. Please include your phone number. Email: alchemicalellen@gmail.com

What You Will Get From the Class

  • A working knowledge of Tarot within the Kabbalistic and      Hermetic Tradition
  • The ability to read Tarot for one’s self and others, for self knowledge and inner guidance
  • Connect to your own Inner Teacher
  • Become a certified reader through the School of Oracles
    • Develop your intuition and psychic receptivity
    • Learn the six most important Tarot spreads that will enable you to answer any question

About Ellen Goldberg

Ellen Goldberg is both a psychotherapist and a mystic. She has been teaching Tarot within the Western Hermetic Tradition for 40 years. Ellen is the founder and director of the School of Oracles in New York and has been on the faculty of the NY Open Center, teaching both Tarot and Palmistry since 1986. Ellen has had the honor of teaching Tarot around the world including Beijing, Prague, Florence, Granada, Bulgaria, and at the Library at Alexandria in Egypt.

Ellen is available for readings in person in NYC, or by phone or Skype. Her specialty is a synthesis of all the mystic sciences, Tarot, Palmistry, and Astrology for a complete view of yourself and your path. Please feel free to write or message with any questions. 

Email: alchemicalellen@gmail.com

New Book Release: The Art and Science of Hand Reading

Art and Science of Hand Reading Palmistry is a science and a universal language. The hand tells a story about your talents, relationships, health, and how you feel about yourself. It reveals periods of ease or challenge in your life, and it speaks about your weaknesses and the traits you need to develop. As you change, so do your hands, reflecting the progress you have made.

In this comprehensive guide to hand reading, based on Ellen Goldberg’s 40 years of teaching palmistry and the Western Mystery tradition, the authors make the powerful insights of the hand accessible in an inviting and user-friendly manner. The book presents the character traits and personality archetypes associated with each of the seven mounts of the palm and shows how to determine which are most influential in the nature of the individual. The mount archetypes reveal the lifestyle, love, sex, and marriage preferences; the best career choices; and the unique strengths and weaknesses for each person. The book also examines other factors that enhance the qualities revealed by the mount types, including the flexibility of the hand, texture of the skin, and the shapes of the fingers, fingertips and nails. The meaning of each major and minor line is described in detail as well as the influence the person’s own mind has in healing defects and obstacles found on their lines. The authors also provide accurate timing guides for each line, making it possible to locate specific events and to see how your lines change over time.

Presenting the hand as a guide to self-fulfillment, The Art and Science of Hand Reading incorporates correspondences to other mystical sciences such as astrology, Kabbalah, the Hermetic teachings, and archetypal psychology.

It also includes practical examples and more than 600 illustrations to show how to integrate the meanings of each part of the hand to form a complete picture of your inner psychology and your ever-changing destiny. Ellen Goldberg, primary author, is an internationally renowned teacher of Tarot and Palmistry. She is the founder and director of the School of Oracles and has been on the faculty of the New York Open Center since 1986. She is also a psychotherapist and has maintained a private therapy practice in New York City for more than 30 years.

Dorian Bergen, assistant author, is the co-owner of ACA Galleries in New York City. A student and practitioner of Palmistry for more than 25 years, she has a special interest in documenting how children’s hands change over time.

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